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Recruitment Process


We are looking for candidates who are bursting with potential to train with us and go on to have a successful career in one of our schools! We aim for our application process to be a welcoming experience that gives you a taste of REAch Teach and our partner schools, whilst remaining rigorous and thorough. 


REAch TEACH Safer Recruitment Policy

REAch Teach Beginning Teacher Criteria

Application Process




  • Explore our website to find out more about the details about our innovative programme, and eligibility requirements.
  • Contact or call 01332 473827 with any questions about the programme. 
  • Sign-up for our information briefing online session which runs every Wednesday at 4.15pm (email to sign up)
  • Spend half a day in a school in your region experiencing what it's like to work in a school. See our page Teacher Training events for more information 
  • We can support with helping to arrange school visits where needed, to help you decide on the right training location for you. 





SHORTLISTING (around 1 week after application)


  1. One of our friendly team will be in touch when you submit an application to acknowledge your application and to answer any questions. We will also invite you to the next REAch Teach Information Briefing session.
  2. Within a week, we will then review your application to ensure it meets the eligibility criteria and our REAch Teach trainee criteria.
  3. If you have indicated a preferred school, we will liaise with them about your application. If you have not, we will look at the closest partner schools to you and get in touch with them to check availability of training places.
  4. If your application meets the relevant REAch Teach trainee criteria, we will be delighted to invite you to an online Stage 1 interview.
  5. You will be asked to send copies of photographic ID as well as your GCSE and degree certificates to 


STAGE 1 INTERVIEW (around 2-3 weeks after application)

Our goal through the interview process is to help you feel as comfortable as possible so we can get to know you and you can showcase your full potential:

  1. You will be interviewed online by a Local ITT lead or our National ITT Lead. 
  2. You will be asked in advance to prepare a presentation, and in one part of your interview you will share your presentation, and respond to a series of scenarios and questions.
  3. You will also be asked in advance to prepare a short micro-teach episode (more details will be shared to help you to prepare) which you will use as part of your online interview. You'll be asked to teach your prepared episode and will receive a small piece of feedback to support you to then re-teach.
  4. Your Stage 1 interview will be assessed against our REAch Teach trainee criteria and successful applicants will be invited to Stage 2, held face to face. 


STAGE 2 INTERVIEW (around 3-4 weeks after application)

This stage is held in school so you can have an opportunity to meet our pupils, experience the school environment and ask any final questions:

  1. The Stage 2 interview is designed to allow us to see you interact with pupils and for you to experience the school environment. This will take place in a local partner school.
  2. You will have a short activity (maximum 20 minutes) reading a story to a group of around 6 pupils. The purpose of this activity is to see how you engage with, and respond, to your small group of children. 
  3. You will also complete a maths-based and written task (these are a formative activity and not assessed as part of the interview process).
  4. The REAch Teach trainee criteria are reviewed and, if met, the interview panel agree the type of offer to be made and placement school.
  5. At this stage, you will be asked to bring with you hard copies of your photographic ID, GCSE and degree qualifications.
  6. In line with changes in statutory safer recruitment guidance in September 2022, we will carry out an online search  to identify any publicly available information that may indicate an issue or concern that needs to be followed up during interview. We will require you to share with us as part of your application the account names, usernames and/or handles for any social media platform that you use, as well as the names of any websites that you own, post on, or contribute to, for example:

Facebook:                                         TikTok:

Twitter:                                               Reddit:

Intagram:                                           Pinterest:

LinkedIn:                                           Other (please list):

URLs for websites that you own, post on or contribute to:

A Google search will also be conducted. These checks will  be conducted at Stage 2 of the interview process. Please see our safer recruitment and selection policy for further information.




We will call you to provide the outcome of Stage 2 and let you know whether you have been successful. If you have been successful, we will discuss placement schools with you when       making an offer. If you have not been successful we will provide you the opportunity to request feedback. 




  1. We will update DfE Apply with either a conditional or unconditional offer. Unconditional offers will only be made when you have met all entry requirements and original paperwork has been checked by one of our team. 
  2. You will receive a letter confirming your offer and outlining any conditions. We will ask you to confirm whether you accept the offer.
  3. If you wish to accept the offer, you will also need to accept via the DfE Apply system. 
  4. We will notify your preferred placement school about your response to the offer. 
  5. We will send your interview outcome to the University of Derby who will begin the enrolment process with you. 



Once accepted onto the programme, you will be supported through a range of pre-programme preparation activities:


  1. We will help facilitate pre-programme school visits to your placement schools where feasible. 
  2. You will be sent a Welcome Pack sent by our ITT admin which will include REAch Teach programme information and pre-programme tasks.
  3. You will be added to an online Teams channel and able to access videos and resources.
  4. You will attend a remote Summer term induction to meet fellow trainees across our national network of partner schools. 
  5. You will be connected to your mentors at your placement school so you can start getting to know key information. 
  6. You may also be invited to attend local induction activities with other local trainees or at  your placement school.